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New Products from the SHOT Show

The 2009 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show, which took place Jan. 15 through 18 in Orlando, Fla., featured plenty of great new turkey hunting gear. Here are some of the highlights.

Hunter’s Specialties introduced its new Ring Zone friction calls, which were tested with an oscilloscope so they match the pitch and frequency of a live hen. The calls have an outer ring that keeps your fingers off the surface to eliminate dampening sound. The Ring Zone comes in slate, ceramic and starfire crystal. It has 200 percent more resonating surface than most pot-and-peg calls. www.hunterspec.com

M.A.D. Calls added the Cherry Bomb pot call to its Bomb Squad line. It is custom-designed with a unique pot made of gunstock-grade cherry wood with unique sound ports designed to produce realistic yelps, cutting and purrs. It comes with a Dymondwood striker. www.flambeauoutdoors.com

Knight & Hale’s new Hammerhead box call has a sound board within the box, essentially creating a sound board within a sound board. The sound board system has raised ribs of specific length, height and width, as with the company’s Hammer Series friction calls. That softens the highs and lows, creating a more nasally tone similar to a live hen. www.knightandhale.com

Primos’ Box Cutter box call has thumb-hole grooves that positions the thumb so it acts as a spring, letting the user make sweet cutting. Also, the company offers the Box Cutter Lefty, designed for left-handed callers. The calls have a jatoba lid and solid mahogany box. www.primos.com

Quaker Boy’s new Firebox is custom-crafted from cherry and eucalyptus wood. The call is waterproof and features Curved Lid technology, which makes it easy to operate. www.quakerboy.com

TruGlo unveiled its Gobble Stopper sight, which can be used as a red-dot or green-dot. There’s an illuminated ring around the dot that represents 24 inches at 30 yards, which helps you judge whether a gobbler is in range. The Gobble Stopper is waterproof and fogproof. It comes with a camo or matte black finish. www.truglosights.com

Woods Wise introduced the Steel Wheel 2×2 Flipsider, a two-sided friction call. One side of the call is shrill stainless steel, and the other is raspy-shrill aluminum. The body is stainless. The 3-inch stainless steel top exceeds 15,000 hz for pitch and tone. The flip side 3-inch aluminum bottom plays a raspier shrill. Both sides are waterproof and play when wet. www.woodswise.com.

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