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Gear featured in our March 2007 issue.

DuraSight has expanded its line of Z2 Alloy scope-mounting systems to include several Realtree Hardwoods Green HD ring5.jpg options to fit most muzzleloaders and semi-auto shotguns. The Z2 Alloy provides even more strength than even the best aircraft-grade aluminum mounts, yet retails for essentially the same price as high-end aluminum systems. DuraSight’s Z2 Alloy Series also offers numerous two-piece and one-piece rail-base configurations, as well as a Quick Detach option. Contact DuraSight at www.durasight.com.

9.jpgThe Hunter’s Edge TransFan is designed to replicate a gobbler in full strut. It creates the illusion of a challenge to boss toms and is perfect for bringing in silent, call-shy, open-field or hung-up toms. The TransFan is light and compact, so it easily fits inside any turkey vest. It is made out of cloth and has a gobbler’s head printed on both sides. The TransFan also includes 4- and 12-inch stakes for setting up in hard or soft dirt. When using the TransFan, use caution and make sure no other hunters are within gun or bow range. Contact Hunter’s Edge at (229) 248-6228 or www.hunters-edge.com.6.jpg

Knight and Hale Game Calls’ new Signature Series glass friction call’s black surface features the signatures of Harold Knight and David Hale, along with their likenesses engraved on the bottom of the African bubinga wood pot. An integrated soundboard adds  resonance and volume to this realisitc-sounding call. Contact Knight and Hale at (479) 782-8971 or www.knightandhale.com.

2.jpgAmeristep’s new Hardside Blind is designed specifically for firearm and crossbow hunting. The blind is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), featuring Realtree Hardwood HD. The HDPE construction is extremely durable, waterproof and wear-resistant, and it will uphold in any hunting environment. A quiet, carpeted platform keeps your movement silenced, and the 4-foot-by-8-foot design can accommodate hunters of any size. The Hardside Blind also has a large door and tinted windows to mask movement.

Contact Ameristep at (810) 686-4035 or www.ameristep.com.8.jpg The Orion VX from CyclopsSolutions is a 5-LED hat-clip light with a dual light system control switch. The center bulb is equipped with a magnifier lens that produces a long-distance beam, while the four LED’s on either side of the magnifier provide a wide-area light. The top-mount design does not obscure your line of vision. Contact Cyclops at (877) 269-8490 or www.cyclopssolutions.com.

The Turkey Dave Hunter’s Footrest from Sumner Bros. is designed to support a hunter’s feet and legs while sitting. The footrest is made from lightweight, durable ABS plastic, and its hinge allows it to fold flat for easy transport and deployment. The footrest enables a hunter to bend his or her knees and remain comfortable for longer periods of time while sitting still. Saw-toothed points on the footrest’s bottom prevent sliding. Contact Sumner Bros. at (715) 835-0060 or www.turkeydave.com.4.jpg

Primos’ B-Mobile strutting decoy is realistic, mobile and reasonably priced. The decoy also allows you to use a realistic, fold-up silk tail fan that’s included, or you can pluck the tail feathers from a gobbler you killed and insert them into the B-Mobile’s fan holder for an even more realistic presentation. The decoy comes complete with a stake, carrying bag and instructional DVD. Contact Primos at (800) 622-8076 or www.primos.com.

Benelli’s SuperNova 12 gauge has a steel skeleton and framework over-molded3.jpg with a high-tech polymer, making it lightweight, strong and almost completely impervious to any weather condition. The SuperNova allows a hunter to decide between Benelli’s ComforTech and SteadyGrip stock options. The smooth rotary-bolt pump action easily cycles 23/4- to 31/2-inch loads, and it comes with full, modified and improved-cylinder chokes. The SuperNova is available in black or Advantage Timber HD models. Contact Benelli at (301) 283-6981 or www.benelliusa.com.7.jpg

M.A.D.’s Heavy Metal Aluminator friction call’s T6-6061 aluminum pot produces a higher volume capability, which peaks at 15,000 Hz, yet it maintains consistency. Strategically placed sound ports in the bottom of the pot provide optimum sound quality. The call includes a Rainy Day carbon striker, as well as a Purple Heart wood striker. Contact M.A.D. Game Calls at (800) 232-3474 or www.madgamecalls.com.

Alaskan Guide flashlights from Cabela’s are two lighting sources in one. With the1.jpg push of a button, they switch between a long-lasting LED and a 50-lumen xenon lamp. The hard, anodized-aluminum construction ensures durability and performance, and the tail cap and bezel are O-ring sealed for water resistance. The 2-in-1 pre-focused aluminum reflector intensifies the brightness of the light beam, creating more useful light at longer distances. Contact Cabela’s at www.cabelas.com.

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