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How to Score Your Gobbler

How to Score a GobblerScoring your gobbler is easy and lets you compare the relative trophy values of every turkey you shoot. Take all measurements in 1/16-inch increments converted to decimal values (check the decimal conversion chart in this article). Remember, a National Wild Turkey Federation member or licensed hunter from the state in which you killed the bird must verify the measurements.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to scoring your bird.

? Have the bird weighed on a certified scale, and convert the figure to decimal form.

? Measure each spur along the center of the outside edge from where the spur protrudes from the leg to its tip. This is best done with an index card or soft tape measure. Add the spur measurements, convert them to decimal form, and multiply them by 10.

? Measure the beard from the tip to where it protrudes from the skin. Convert the measurement to decimals, and multiply it by two.

? Add the weight, spur and beard totals. This represents your bird’s score.

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