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From the Experts

Basic Fall Turkey Hunting Strategies for Beginners

Try these basic fall turkey hunting strategies to put more birds on the ground and extend your hunting opportunities past the more popular spring season. Read

How to Preserve, Display a Turkey’s Trophy Parts

A wild turkey’s legs, spurs, beard and plumage are decorative when properly preserved and require minimal space for displaying. Spread tails and wings look good on a den wall and small parts such as spurs and beards can be preserved and put away for safekeeping in display boxes or displayed in shadow boxes. But don’t hide your trophies — it is easy to make them worthy additions to your home or lodge decor. Read

New Product: Ameristep Supernatural Ground Blind

The Ameristep Supernatural ground blind is large enough to be comfortable with a gun, bow, crossbow, cameras, jumpy kids or wary gobblers easing into range. Read

Recent Articles

How to Read a Turkey’s Mood With Body Language

Knowing how to read a turkey’s mood through its body language is important for any turkey hunter but especially to a bowhunter. Read

When Did We Start Keeping Records for Turkeys?

When did hunters start keeping records for the turkeys they killed, specifically with the measurements of the beard and spurs? Read

How to Roost Wild Turkeys for Better Hunting

Here are some roosting pattern insights and hunting tips to help you with each of the four major wild turkey subspecies we hunt. Read

The Best Tips for Hunting Turkeys With a Bow

Hunting turkeys with a bow is challenging with the need to draw on the bird for the shot, but there are other factors to consider as well for success. Read