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From the Experts

Bolt-Actions are Boss Turkey Takers

While semiauto and pump-action shotguns are most popular with turkey hunters, bolt-action shotguns are a great option, especially for run-and-gun hunting. Like bolt-action rifles and slug guns, they are durable, reliable and quick to recycle. Read

How to Preserve, Display a Turkey’s Trophy Parts

A wild turkey’s legs, spurs, beard and plumage are decorative when properly preserved and require minimal space for displaying. Spread tails and wings look good on a den wall and small parts such as spurs and beards can be preserved and put away for safekeeping in display boxes or displayed in shadow boxes. But don’t hide your trophies — it is easy to make them worthy additions to your home or lodge decor. Read

Bigger Broadheads for Toppling Tom Turkeys

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the best broadheads for hunting turkeys. One is to use the same equipment you’d use for whitetails and shoot for the vitals, hip bone or spine. The other calls for an oversized broadhead that delivers guillotine-like results. Read

Recent Articles

Texas is Huge! And So Are The Turkey Hunting Opportunities.

Texas is huge! And so are its turkey hunting opportunities. Read

In More Ways Than One, the Turkey Has Landed

Thankfully for hunters, Ben Franklin didn’t get his wish in the late 1700s when he preferred the wild turkey over the bald eagle as the U.S. symbol. Read

A Special Place for Family, Memories and Turkey Hunting

I’m guessing that you also have places in the wilds that call to your spirit — those that are special to you for any number of reasons. Read

Turkey Hunting Buddies Only Add to the Enjoyment

A good friend once told me that while hunting is not a spectator sport, adding a best buddy to the mix can boost enjoyment and add efficiency to the experience. Read